MK Biergarten Ltd

MK Biergarten Ltd

We are Milton Keynes’ first micropub and bottle shop. We opened in Spring 2016. We are multi award winning, support our local suppliers and are the friendliest business around!

With a range of bottled and draft craft beer and cider both from the UK and further afield, the shop is the ideal destination for beer lovers who would like London's range and expertise in craft beer but are also looking for that little bit of northern hospitality. A cosy seating area provides a tasting space for 20 people and serves a five tap bar which also satisfies your growler needs. The shop runs regular events, including beer tastings and a twice monthly food night, which showcases local producers.

In German beer culture, a Biergarten is a comfortable, friendly space where you can spend time on your own or with friends and family alike. It's a place where you meet strangers for a chat and watch the world go by. At the MK Biergarten, bookshelves and boardgames invite you to relax and play. You can either buy your food there or are welcome to bring your own snacks to enjoy with the delicious beers on offer.

Try one of our draught beers or pick from among 200 carefully curated beers from around the world. The Biergarten specialises in European, English and local beers, offering expert advice and service for seasoned beer-drinkers and novices alike. On the first Saturday of the month we have freshly baked pretzels and we also host events and tastings.

Unit 3, Triangle Bldg, Wolverton Park Rd, Wolverton, Milton Keynes MK12 5FJ, UK