Twelve Ounce Bottleshop

Twelve Ounce Bottleshop

Twelve ounce cans mark a huge movement in the beer scene, from draught pints in the pub from the big players, to tinnies with perfectly designed can art from the small guys. Thats's a huge part of what Twelve Ounce means for Alex and Greg.

Twelve Ounce Bottleshop's owners have a huge emphasis on local breweries, with a designated space in the shop for locals, as depicted on their 'Brewery Trail' map, a map of local breweries intended to be a local scavenger hunt to lead people to the lesser known craft beer taprooms on industrial estates of North London. All the other shelves are taken up by a carousel of ever revolving breweries, natural wine, cider and cocktail producers, found by obsessively tasting, testing and cruising Instagram for new and exciting creators.

Alex and Greg quit their city jobs, Alex was a researcher in PR and Greg worked in Finance, to start up the bottleshop in the middle of the pandemic, to dive into an industry that they had long been fascinated by. Calling in some family and friend favours and paying them in beers, Alex and Greg transformed the space that is now Twelve Ounce from a shop that was painted entirely blue (inside and out, floors and all), into the beer lined walls you see today.

The ultimate aim was to give their local community a chance to explore new styles, smash through their preconceptions and train their Frenchie Dave to be a good shop dog.

31 Park Rd, Crouch End, London N8 8TE, UK